In order to ensure the timely processing of your request, please read the entire form and instructions before completing and return the completed form to the address indicated. Forms that are not received in “good order” will be returned.

Enrollment Form – This form is used to enroll in the Mount Holyoke College Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. 

Authorization for Payroll Deduction/Reduction Form – This form is used to begin, change or stop elective deductions from your paycheck into the Plan, and to begin mandatory contributions as necessary. You must be enrolled in the Plan in order for the deductions to begin. Please return this form to your Human Resources Department.

Acceptance Letter – This form is used to provide notification to Voya of your intent to exchange assets from your Mount Holyoke College account with a prior investment provider, or rollover another 401(a), 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan or traditional IRA into your account. Please attach a copy of your most recent account statement from your prior plan or IRA account to this form.

We have a team of rollover specialists available to assist you with the exchange/rollover process. Please call (866) 865-2660 or email

Beneficiary Designation Form – If you are married and you wish to designate a beneficiary other than your spouse, you must complete this form and your spouse must consent to waive any right to the death benefit. Your spouse’s consent must be witnessed by a notary public.